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Ultimate protection the comfortable way.

Nanogaiter provides maximum protection and breathability utilizing patented and certified nanotechnology.
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Nanofiber protection

Increase your safety with cutting-edge technology.

Nanogaiter is premium, one size fits all, gaiter mask that features nanotechnology filters for your ultimate protection.
Nanogaiter presents 2 styles gaiters:
1. REUSABLE style (minimum of 30x washing cycles)
2. EXCHANGEABLE FILTER style (change filters as you need in 12h using duration)  

Simply put it on the neck and use it wherever you go: at work, during sporting activities, on public transportation, watching sporting events, and especially in crowded spaces.
NG gaiter protects you the comfortable way!

Nanogaiter’s high-performance structure merges premium quality breathable active mesh with integrated cutting-edge nanotechnology membrane filtering more than 99.9% of airborne particles and contaminants up to 0.3nm.

The unparalleled air permeability of NG gaiter allows you to breathe easy.

Explore the technology
Filtration efficiency for individual particles certified
Dust particles P1
PM2, 5 and 10 dust
particles 100%
Bacteria and viruses


Certified by
the leading global

The nanofiber membrane integrated in all of the Nanogaiter products was tested by U.S. Nelson laboratory providing certification of 99.9 % efficacy.

USA Viral Filtration Efficiency was performed in compliance with US FDA good manufacturing practice regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211 and 820. NANOGAITER nanotechnology has a tested particle capture of 0.1-0.3um (100-300 nanometers) efficiency of 99.9 %.

(Bacteria usually range in size from 200 to 1000 nanometers, viruses from 20 to 400 nanometers).

Download Certificates
One of the best protections on the market:
0.3 μm
99.9 %
30 x
Tested pass-through of sub micron particles
Of virus-sized particles Captured
Certified efficiency for up to 30 handwash cycles
Made sustainable, from recycled material
Our Eco Tech, GRS 100% certified Recycled Polyester is equipped with HeiQ Smart Temp, Anti Odor & Anti Bacteria Technologies. We strongly believe, that high technical product can be also sustainable.
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“I like saving the planet by using reusable mask”

Finally, there is a reusable version of protection for me. I am not polluting planet by buying disposable masks and on top of that it’s super comfortable when I do sports such as my favorite snowboarding. I can wash it and keep on going with it. Awesome product! 

Catherine, S.

California, USA

“It’s became part of my daily wear”

To constantly put on and off a face mask during my daily activities is something I’m struggling with. Most of the times I even forget my mask somewhere. A friend of mine showed me Nanogaiter and explained the science behind nano fibers. Now, I simply put the Nanogaiter on my neck in the morning and wear it whenever needed. I bought the exchangeable filter style so I can take out filters when I run and use it as a protection against cold. I put the filter back when I go to the city so I get the full protection against the virus. What a brilliant idea guys!


Czech Republic

“Nanogaiter is comfortable and is easy to take on and off on my travel.”

I spend lot of time travelling around the world and I needed something to cover my face when others are around but typical gaiters are not very protective. Nanogaiter is comfortable and easy to take on and off as needed. And I am not even sweating wearing it in warm climates. Easy wash, reusable solution for my trips.

Bob, C.

Kenya, Africa

“Works well with glasses too.”

This Nanogaiter is nice and comfy, not too hot. Stays put on my nose with the adjustable clip. Works well with glasses too, doesn't fog the lenses as my other masks. And it is super breathable. This gaiter marry comfort with cutting-edge protection, what a design!

Miriam, H.

Mexico City, Mexico

"My urban armor"

I deeply care about the environment. Have you checked how many disposable masks been thrashed this year? With Nanogaiter technology I found great protection while saving the planet from overbearing mask pollution. I would urge all the people to consider using only non-disposable masks as is NG. Thank you for being planet conscious NG!

Lana, G.

New York

“Street art is way easier.”

I do street art and typically I have to wear 2 different masks – for spraying and for my daily protection. With NG Gaiter, I can do both in a same comfy style that fits well and keep me safe from COVID and aerosol fumes. Nice job NG!

Chima, M.

Los Angeles, USA

“I like that I can wash it and save the planet”

What more can you want? Scientifically certified protection for face and neck coverings that do the job. Especially right now with covid-19, it’s very important to stay covered and protect yourself and others even when I snowboarding. This is fashionable and safe. I like that I can wash it and save the planet not using disposable masks!


California, USA

“It’s my buddy for the days”

To have a piece of cloth on a face during day activities is something I’m really thinking. It touches my head. I could not wear a classic mask as I felt constantly tired from “hard to breath feeling” . Friend of mine showed me Nanogaiter and explained the science behind nano fibers. Since then, it’s a daily protection I use everyday. I purchased the filter pocket version so I can take out a filter for morning running session protecting myself from cold. Good job guys!


Czech Republic

“Nanogaiter is comfortable and is easy to take on and off on my travel.”

I spend lot of time on my ways around the world -- and I needed something to cover my face when others were around but typical gaiters on the market are not very protective. Nanogaiter is comfortable and is easy to take on and off as needed.

Bob C,

Kenya, Africa

“Works well with glasses too.”

“This Nanogaitor is nice and comfy, not too hot. Stays put on my head/nose with the adjustable clip. Works well with glasses too, doesn't steam them up nearly as much as my other masks. With other masks, after 5mins of wearing it I feel like I'm about to faint. This gaiter marry comfort with cutting-edge protection, what a design!

Macy Ramon

California, USA

"My urban armor"

“I keep care about environment as a everyone should. Did you check how many single use masks been disposed last year? Oh man, that’s so sad number. There’s a new issue coming right after plastic bags. And as well contamined by using. Nanofibers get me curious as a new developed technology. As a person looking to expllore new technologies, that leave me curious as a one of first real certified nanofiber product in US. Well, happy to have one. Cheers NG!


New York

“Paints are way easier.”

Making street pieces, to wear two different masks for daily routines and spraying paints oitdoor is not what I could feel happy for. When I’ve been introduced to nanofiber technology, I found that I can do both in a same comfy necklace that fit well and keep me safe from aerosols. You guys do a good job there.


Los Angeles, USA

Explore the nanotechnology

1000x thinner than your hair

Nanogaiter’s high performance three tier structure merges premium quality Wicko active mesh with integrated antimicrobial nanofiber membrane that stops 99,9% of unwelcome particles in both directions.

More Information
One time use only
No protection from harmful particles
Non breathable
Excessive planet pollution
Ultimate protection
Highly breathable
Stylish and comfortable
Saves our planet


Face mask VS. Nanogaiter


Local dealers welcome

Local Dealers Welcome

We’re happy to offer our unique NG products to your local store. We believe the best way to make connection is between person and gadget via personal experience and recommendation.  

We offer aggressive bulk pricing that starts on orders of 20 or more items. These bulk discounts are solely based on how many items you order, meaning that you can include custom designs and still qualify for bulk pricing. 

Shoot us an email for wholesale/distribution prices.
 We’re happy to welcome you on NG board!

Contact us for more info


Put your brand on our Nanogaiter!

Our unique printing process allows us to customize our gaiters in high resolution and full color. Text and logos come out clean, crisp, and true to color. Even better, our custom gaiters will never peel or crack and are highly fade resistant even with heavy use. Great customization for your company needs while protecting your employees and partners! 

Contact us for more info


Is the Nanogaiter tested or certified?

Our NG filters are tested and certified by the U.S.Nelson Labs standards to confirm 99.9% efficiency at 0.4 Microns, which exceeds N95 standards. Please see certification (link) page for more information. 

Viral Filtration Efficiency was performed in compliance with US FDA good manufacturing practice regulations 21 CFR Parts 210, 211 and 820.

What is the instruction to use Nanogaiter?

Put it on the safe way and protect your gaiter from viruses and bacteria. Before and after you adjust your neck gaiter, disinfect your hands with an antibacterial gel with alcohol. Grab the gaiter on both sides and roll the neck gaiter up. Pull it carefully over your head. Nanofiber filter should be placed in front of your nose and mouth. Remember to use the elastic band with the plastic cord lock to hold the gaiter firmly around your head. Make sure that the nanofiber membrane covers your nose and mouth.

Is the Nanogaiter washable?

We offer 2 versions of Nanogaiters for your protection: 1. REUSABLE – we guarantee 99.9% efficacy for up to 30x washings. 2. EXCHANGALBE FILTERS: you can exchange filters per your needs (we recommend every 12 hours for the ultimate protection). Instructions:  1.Wash separately in hands (temperature max. 86°F/30°C) 2. Do not crush, just rinse gently in water 3. Dry it fully on the air 4. Do not dry in a dryer 5. Do not use fabric softeners, bleach, or any aggressive detergents.

Will the Nanogaiters stop the COVID-19?

We can’t guarantee that our filters will stop the COVID-19. Our nano fiber filters are certified at 99.9% viral efficiency at 0.4 microns, which exceeds N95 standards. No company can guarantee with 100% certainty that their filter will stop the virus. Please remember, no mask or scarf will completely protect you from airborne illnesses. This product is not FDA approved and it is not equivalent to surgical masks.

What’s the difference between Nanogaiters and a mask without a filter?

Masks without filters have significantly less effectiveness than those with filters. When you have a mask without a filter, the material is the only barrier for the virus to enter or exit.

What’s the Nanogaiters return policy?

If you've placed an order and haven't received your product yet, you may cancel it at any time before it's been shipped. We accept product returns only for manufacturer's defect within 30 days of delivery. Due to hygienic reasons and safety precautions for our customers, we do not sell returned productsand we currently do not accept returns unless it's a manufacturer's defect.

Why chose our NG product?

Simply put, global cooperation to protect our planet is essential. That is why we created reusable gaiter.Did you heard about amount of disposal mask created?  

1. The promotion of mask wearing as a way to slow the spread of COVID-19 has led to an extraordinary increase in the production of disposable masks: the UN trade body, UNCTAD, estimates that global sales will total some $166 billion this year, up from around $800 million in 2019. 

Recent media reports, showing videos and photos of divers picking up masks and gloves, littering the waters around the French Riviera and Indonesia, were a wake-up call for many, refocusing minds on the plastic pollution issue, and a reminder that politicians, leaders and individuals need to address the problem of plastic pollution. 

2. The potential consequences, says UNEP, which has produced a series of factsheets on the subject, include public health risks from infected used masks, and the open burning or uncontrolled incineration of masks, leading to the release of toxins in the environment, and to secondary transmission of diseases to humans. 

And on top of that, by purchasing our product you support local hiring and contribution to non-profit cooperation we currently are engaged in.
Thank you for your support! 

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